Saturday, 23 February 2008

Visual studio 2005 culture problem

Ok, I admit that it isn't a "problem". While working on our project "geekers", every time we update our project folder from subversion, we get this change to visual studio project file of the visual studio:

Ok, it's a desirable feature to have culture-specific data types in the xml streams. But do we really deserve this situation in this screenshot? I think we don't. :)
It remembers me a great article of Joel Spolsky, on "leaky abstractions."

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Microsoft's another investment

As you can see on this page, microsoft is giving some of its products (visual studio, xna, windows server) to the students in UK for free. I've learned from Euan from our games project. I've already got those products thanks to MSDN membership of my university in Izmir, and many universities do.

An article I've read on 'Joel on software' claims that microsoft indeed would love to give its development products for free. Because the value of an operating system is dependent on the various software it has on it, and windows (with office) is the flagship product of microsoft. -- not visual studio --

I've never thought about it this way, and it really sounds smart.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Visual Studio SP1: Installation source for this product is not available

While trying to install Visual Studio 2005 SP1, I've encountered this error message: "Installation source for this product is not available".

After spending my whole day on this problem, I've found this blog entry:

And this MSDN knowledge base entry & patch:

And it managed to solve my problem. What a sunday!