Sunday, 3 August 2008

Some more good movies

The Dark Knight
This movie had deserved to be watched at cinema, at the moment it hit the 1st in IMDB. I wouldn't rate it 1st, but it's absolutely in my first ten. Classic batman theme, plus some brain activity on the meaning of the 'crime' and continuous action. Best spent 5£ of last weeks. (mm, maybe except pub lunches)

Kingdom of Heaven
Worth to watch even only to see Eva Green. She's smashing. Movie has a middle-age western theme, with a bit of eastern Islam salt towards the end. I would say who will get the Jerusalem at the end, but I don't want to spoil it.

A Clockwork Orange
Took two days to watch, since I fell asleep around the middle of the movie the first day. But second day was great enough to make me feel satisfied. Makes you review your thoughts about violence, how much of it is done individually, how much of it comes from the society.


Yalçın AYDIN said...

I've watched Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Begins and red Dark Knight comic this week; after saying that Burton's Batmans are very good for their time I can clearly say that Nolan's Batmans are way better than all Batman movies to date. I was consfused what to rate it after seeing the movie but as I consumed all previous Batman materials my grade is a 10 without a hesitation, my first 10 for a recent movie...

Yalçın AYDIN said...

I've watched it for the second time yesterday with my cinema from the front seat and laying on the seat and I must admit that to take the cinema taste you must be close to the big screen, you may not share the same opinion with me but this is just my taste :)

Anyways, this time I just concentrated on the characters, how the actors/Actresses gave life to them, little speeches that have big impacts on the story, batman logical toys (excluding the last hi-tech machine which I don't know if can be applied or not), great music helping to create and improve the atmosphere of the movie (it reminded me the musics of the "There Will Be Blood").

Joker is outstanding but not just the talent of Heath Ledger, the new version ıf the character is really strong and different than the originally created in comics, this one is dark and brutal and has great depth.

I just couldn't like the Two Face character, I don't know why but I just couldn't, maybe just the FX job that looks very messy to look at and prone to infections.

I also watched the first two Batman movies this weekend which are nice for their era but not a match for Nolan's Batmans. Batman Returns' Batman is nothing special, the Penguin and especially the Cat Woman made the movie watchable.

Overall opinion: This is a masterpiece for an action movie that has a great story (yes the plot is great) with lots of suprises, dialogs, great musics, great acting and realistic touch to all Batman materials to date. This is one of the best movies of the year!

Görkem PAÇACI said...

Hey, I've heard enough about your very own home cinema system! :)) I'll come and taste it in September. Don't try to fade out!

I've just watched 'mutant chronicles'. It's 'lame'. Not even for my two hours, it's not even worth for occupied traffic in the torrent network.

Yalçın AYDIN said...

No man just a typo (it should have been 'with my sister at cinema' instead of 'with my cinema') :) I've watched them on my notebook, still don't have a home cinema ;)

Görkem PAÇACI said...

Oh I had started to think you've bought that projector :)