Sunday, 29 March 2009

My "can't live without" firefox extensions

Tree Style Tab:
For tab-freaks like me, it doubles up the number of tabs you can concurrently manage. Shows your tabs on the left side of the browser as a tree (each new link having its referrer as parent). Especially if you have a wide screen monitor, you won't care the horizontal space you lose.

At the beginning brings random web pages when you hit "Stumble!" button. As you go, you rate these pages with "I like" or "No more like this" buttons and it learns the pages you like. You can easily forward pages to friends with a single-line message.

Blocks all the flash content in every page, unless you click on them. Extremely beneficial since flash content sucks up all the cpu you have.

With a right-click, downloads every link on the page you're on, filtered by extension or a regex. It is also nice to download a single link, because it spawns multiple sockets (4 by default, I think) to download the file.

From the times I was actively doing web development:
Web Developer:
Edits css in-place, browses/modifies HTML DOM, hides/shows images or their places, and a bunch of very nice features for a web developer.


Kaya Oğuz said...

i'm glad you are happy with flashblock :)

Görkem PAÇACI said...

yeah you recommended it for the first time, didn't you? good boy, good boy. :)

ozgur said...

you should add the following to this list, to keep it complete for me :)
- firebug (optionally with yslow)
- flashgot (to forward download links to flashget or some other download manager)
- gmail notifier (for checking multiple gmail addresses)
- hide menu bar (hide even the "Menu Toolbar" :) to save vertical space)
- image zoom
- resizeable textarea

ooh, i guess i should have compiled a list of my own :)
with this many addons, i ended up using firefox as an operating system with application programs (~extensions) running on it. chrome has no chance, speed is not everything :)

Görkem PAÇACI said...

I have this feeling that says chrome will come up with an excellent framework for extensions. they can't just leave it like that. they can't. they shouldn't.

I'll try hide menu bar, to relief from regretting purchase of this wide screen monitor.

WSS: Wide Screen Sucks.